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PVB is a multi-functional Polyvinyl Butyral resin by a chemical reaction and synthesis.

With high transparency, good toughness, flexibility, low temperature to fight resistance, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, water, oil, anti-aging. PVB has very strong adhesiion to many kinds of materials such as: glass, metal, plastic, wood, leather and other materials, also has pigment dispersion and the excellent solubility of the resin.

Now PVB has been very widely used in the automotive and architecture safety glass interlayer , paint, ink, resistors, batteries, circuit boards, hot melt adhesive, the modified agent in the processing of textile fiber, etc.

1. PVB Characteristics

a. General Characteristic: Soluble in alcohol,ketone, ester ,etc.
b. Film-forming: PVB has excellent film-forming properties, tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, better gloss, etc.

c. Pigment Dispersion: PVB has good pigment dispersion and stability.
d. Adhesion: PVB has excellent adhesion on glass, metal, plastic, leather, wood, etc.

e. Chemical property: PVB is a hot melt type resin, a thermosetting rosin was added and allowed to harden in many applications, in order to achieve chemical resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and other characteristics. Moreover, the produced property is different under the different thermosetting resin and different ratio of PVB.

2. PVB Applications

a. PVB has a strong affinity on the metal surface , with good adhesion for a variety of surface coatings. it can be widely used in the electronics, ships, bridges, aircraft, electrical and other aspects.
b. PVB has special adhesion properties and transparency on inorganic and organic glass, it is the best material for the safety glass interlayers.
c. After PVB is mixed with thermosetting resin, namely formulated into different metal adhesive, such as brake pads glue,etc.
d. On the metal foil coated with a solution to improve foil strength and moisture resistance, and can be used for heat-sealing metal cans.
e. With a high transparency, a certain toughness and tear strength, decades of successful application in the field of large film flowers paper.
f. PVB is widely used in textile dyeing ,printing and other industries, especially play a decisive role in the transfer printing.
g. To the preparation of copper complex glue and ink printed circuit boards, PVb is widely used in the ceramic substrate, batteries, resistors and other electrical components. enameled wire binder can be prepared in the production of enameled wire.

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