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PVB interlayer is a polymer material made by polyvinyl butyral resin through the plasticizing and extrusion molding of the plasticizer DHA plastics. It’s a translucent film which has a certain roughness and softness. PVB Interlayer has high adhesive stress with inorganic glass, and excellent transparent, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, humidity resistance and other properties, it is the best adhesive material for laminated glass.

Character of PVB Interlayer:

Safety: Honghui PVB Interlayer can absorb the mechanical shock to enhance the impact resistance performance of the laminated glass. It can also prevent damage and injury by holding dangerous glass pieces after breakage.
Structural Integrity: Honghui PVB is quite tough and strong, When suffered from external shocks, and broken glass still adhere to the PVB while maintaining structural integrity without penetration
Sound Insulation: The sound insulation of Laminated Glass is more effectively than normal glass’s, because PVB interlayer can reduce the amplitude of sonic wave so as to effectively block the noise.
Energy-Saving Insulation: Laminated glass with PVB interlayer can filter infrared radiation of sunlight to insulate the heat.
UV Insulation: Adding high-quality anti-UV, Honghui PVB can filter more than 99% UV radiation of sunlight.

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